The Society of Petroleum Resource Economists is proud to announce the 2018 Reserves and Resources Conference

Flyer: SPRE 2018 Reserves & Resources Conference

Our reasonably certain Distinguished Speakers on the occasion? In alphabetical order, respective titles included | topic):

Dr. John Lee (Texas A&M | PRMS)

Dr. Zhang He (Ryder Scott | Analytics)

Mr. Gary Gonzenbach (SPEE | Monograph)

Mr. Jean-Christophe Rovillain (SPRE | Means)

Mr. Jim Harden III (Moss Adams | Equity)

Mr. Neeraj Nandurdikar (IPA | Exaggeration)

Mr. Scott Sanderson (Deloitte | Brownfields)

Mrs. Hanlu Lin (SPRE-UH | Introduction)

Ms. Nancy Jo House (SEG | Geophysics)

May the Fourth be with you: all included, meaning breakfast, lunch, networking, and of course drinks!

Our 2018 Conference is organized in kind partnership with SPRE-UH, our University of Houston student chapter as well.

Our agenda?

8:00 Registration & Breakfast

9:00 Welcome & Introduction

9:15 Monograph 5

9:45 Geophysics

10:30 Morning Coffee Break and Student Posters (Mr. Romain Lemoine, SPRE)

11:00 Analytics

11:45 Brownfields

12:30 Lunch

01:30 Exaggeration

2:15 Equity

3:00 Afternoon Coffee Break and Sponsors (Mr. Hoagie Merry, SPRE)

3:30 PRMS

4:15 Means and Conclusion

RSVP mandatory. First come, first serve. NO walk-ins. See you there too!


To purchase tickets, please visit the Conference Eventbrite page.